A Samer

is forever


Samer is the ideal partner for companies acting in the prefabricated building field. After commissioning the plant, Samer manages its maintenance, handling and care.


In an ever-changing world, the characteristics and the necessities of your plant may change over time. Samer follows you in your new needs by renewing and modifying the facilities provided.

The Team

Experience and Competence
The constant development of our human resources and their growth inside the company, jointly with the
most renowned members of the world of professions in this field, put Samer in the position to offer to
clients a highly specialized team of professionals.

The Technologies

Avant-guarde at your service
Our projects are based on a cutting-edge technology, both from a procedural and productive point of view.
Therefore, we can offer a formwork perfectly fitting to your specific needs, with particular reference to the
accuracy of the details and the cost variables.

The fundaments

of our work

are the base

for your successes

Raw Materials

We make it today, forever
One of the strengths of our products is the ability to withstand over time: solid investments that pay off the
implementation efforts. Raw materials carefully selected to transmit to our products all the qualities that
characterizes us.